ReWired: Asian/Technoscience/Area Studies

August 1 – 10, 2011, University of Hawai’i, Manoa

Co-sponsored by the University of California Humanities Research Institute
and the Center for Chinese Studies, University of Hawai’i

SECT VII will seek a more nuanced understanding of these processes by engaging a diverse set of critical accounts of science and technology as they apply to the historical conditions of these developments in Asia. Computing practices, unlike older forms of technoscience from physics and mathematics to botany and forestry, are increasingly recognized as emerging via networks shaped by, in, and across the formerly “underdeveloped” world, including India, China, South Korea and Taiwan. The Seminar will experiment with juxtaposing histories of “older” sciences with the contemporary practices of “digital natives;” integrating critical knowledge of states, science, and social movements from the histories and social sciences of Asia; engaging studies of cultural production in Asian contexts; and broadening studies of peer-to-peer creative and community-based practices generated by the transnational digital sphere.